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5S Kaizen Champion for Sekolah Global Mandiri

Posted on 2 Desember 2015 - 02:57 WIB

5S Kaizen Champion for Sekolah Global Mandiri

The Best accomplishment of Sekolah Global Mandiri in standing for creating a green environment has been proved as Sekolah Global Mandiri took 1st Winner of DKI Jaya 5S Kaizen Program issued by Depnakertrans (Departemen Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi) on September 2013. 5S Kaizen is program to guiding company or school maintaining the cleanliness, appropriateness, effectiveness of working at their places. 5S is the activities about sorting, setting in order, shining, standardizing, and sustaining.

Sekolah Global Mandiri puts 5S to build school core values; Responsible, Discipline, Friendly, as well as reaching the vision of Sekolah Global Mandiri itself. 5S aims to reinforce the awareness of teachers and student in creating a green environment at school by moving unused things out or recycling, putting everything in its place, cleaning and inspecting, following the rules and enforcing everybody to commit 5S, and making these activities become a habit.

The commitment of making 5S successfully implemented driven from the top management, Ms. Rifa Ariani, SE.Ak, M.Pd (School Director), as the whole individuals at school supporting the program continuously.

Socialization program of 5S implementation was conducted by school, where the academic staff and non-academic staff, as well as student were on the program. They learnt how to keep the file in order, arranging stuffs properly and sorting them up, managing the room neatly and tidy. Some people are assigned to the leader of the group in order to take the responsibility doing daily-based monitoring on the implementation of 5S at all areas in Sekolah Global Mandiri.

Having the legitimating to be the winner of 5S Program is not easy. Sekolah Global Mandiri commits to do continual improvement in order to provide a green environment for both students and teachers to learn and work appropriately. Bravo Global Mandiri !


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