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Cooking Day and Traditional Culinary of Betawi

Posted on 31 Maret 2016 - 14:14 WIB

Cooking Day and Traditional Culinary of Betawi

To  celebrate Youth Pledge Day, the Junior High and Senior High students of Sekolah Global Mandiri Jakarta have a program named Cooking Day. The purpose of this program is to introduce  the local food, especially Betawi.

The students started the program by taking the menu that should be cooked on Thursday, 29 October 2015. The menu were soto ayam Betawi, pecak ikan mas, semur jengkol, asinan Betawi andgado-gado Betawi. Then, on Friday 30 October 2015 at 09.00-10.30 the students started to do cookingcompetition.

The first session was cooking. There were five groups and each group consisted of ten students. The second session was food plating. The several aspects that scored by the judges are taste, plating, team work, tidinessand timing. The judges were Mr. Daryono, Mr. Agung, Mr. Hakim and Mr.Arnold.

The students were feeling cheerful when they were cooking together. The carefulness of students in cooking giving impact in their taste

of food. Although the students cooked with their group individually, the teacher still supervised to keep the student save. The scoring time made the judges feeling confused because all the food taste good and the plating was nice. They needed more time to discuss the winner of the cooking competition. And finally, the winner went to group five who cook gado-gado Betawi.

This gado-gado was very yummy!!!

The gado-gado had peanut aromatic and decorated with red tomato, cucumber and egg. Good job for group 5, Angel and friends!!!

Hopefully the next cooking day will create the super talented chef! (Roro/Afif)


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